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Updated: March 2017

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Always searching for quality candidates; primarily yard personnel and delivery drivers. Feel free to stop by any of our offices to complete an application of employment.

Or complete our "Online Application". (Please be aware that due to different browsers, user settings, and virus programs, the submit form process may have issues sending your application electronically. If the “Send Form” box does not pop-up when you click submit, check your browser pop-up settings.)

Additional options would be to send your completed application of employment and/or resume to rlambertsen@beisserlumber.com or mail it to our HR Department at 3705 SE Beisser Drive, Grimes, IA 50111.

Updated: April 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Beisser Lumber?
  2. Where is the Grimes office located?
  3. Do you only deal with contractors?
  4. Can I apply for a job online

Who is Beisser Lumber?

  • Beisser Lumber was founded by Fred and Marian Beisser 60 years ago in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Marian still works everyday in our Fort Dodge office. We now have offices in the Des Moines and Coralville/Iowa City areas. While our core business has grown over the last 30 years, our family business values remained the same.
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Where is the Grimes office located?

  • We are north of the interstate on Highway 141 at the Grimes exit. Go west on 37th at the light and look for the green roofs.
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Do you only deal with contractors?

  • Absolutely not. While most of our customers are builders, we are happy to help anyone with their project needs. From home design, building materials, windows, doors, and so much more we are your full service lumberyard.

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Can I apply for a job online?

  • Yes. Beisser Lumber is always looking for motivated career oriented people. Check the Now Hiring area for our current openings. Fill out the "Online Application" and click the submit button in the top right window of the form.

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